Creating the Illusion of Space 

November 10 2023

Having a small living room doesn’t have to feel cramped or suffocating. With the right design techniques and decor choices, you can create the illusion of a larger space. Keep reading for some clever tips and tricks that will help…

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A Spooky Affair: Embracing the Spirit of Halloween

October 26 2023

The air is crisp, the leaves are falling, and there’s a faint scent of pumpkin spice in the air. Yes, Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s time to embrace the spooky spirit that comes with it. Whether you’re…

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Embracing Neutrals in Interior Design

September 21 2023

In the world of interior design, neutrals are anything but boring. These understated hues form the backbone of many beautifully designed spaces, offering a versatile canvas that complements various styles and aesthetics. You can create a serene, sophisticated, and visually…

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Finding the Perfect Sofa for Your Dream Home

August 24 2023

A sofa is not just a piece of furniture; it’s the heart of your living space. The perfect sofa can transform your home into a cozy haven, offering comfort, style, and functionality. With so many options available, finding the ideal…

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Hoxton: Our Style Guide for 2023

April 6 2023

We have been researching all the upcoming trends to create showstopping interior décors in 2023. Our Hoxton has been styled using beautiful decorative elements to build a dazzling living space. Keep reading to explore all the trends we used to…

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It’s time to evolve…

February 28 2023

In the heart of the beautiful British countryside, we’ve been crafting timeless, iconic pieces for over 150 years. Ensuring that whatever life brings, you’ll always find comfort in Parker Knoll. Therefore, with our planet facing its biggest challenge yet, we…

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Pantone Colour of the Year 2023

January 25 2023

The Pantone colour of the year 2023 is here and we are enamoured. Viva Magenta is all about writing a new narrative through the lens of fearlessness and bravery – a fitting shade to bring into the new year. Background…

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Behind the scenes with @bamaluzhome

July 20 2022

We love seeing how you style your Parker Knoll furniture in your home! Whether it’s a new piece, vintage, classic or contemporary, it really does brighten up our day to see your homes oozing with personality. When we discovered @bamaluzhome‘s

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Behind the scenes with @taylorwimpeymilldale

January 12 2022

At the beginning of a New Year, we often seek to make personal changes to our lives, which will positively impact our day-to-day routine. These are usually things such as drink more water, eating healthily or going to the gym.…

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The LivingProof Way

December 16 2021

Our LivingProof furniture is perfect for families who love to get stuck in and take on whatever life throws at them. Designed with real-life in mind, we’re here to have your backs (and your bottoms), day in, day out, protecting…

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