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Behind the scenes with @taylorwimpeymilldale

At the beginning of a New Year, we often seek to make personal changes to our lives, which will positively impact our day-to-day routine. These are usually things such as drink more water, eating healthily or going to the gym. What better way to make a change than updating your surroundings? New year, new home. Now that sounds like something we can get on board with!

Lily, otherwise known as @taylorwimpeymilldale, has the perfect example of how to refresh your space; we’ve been speaking with her to find out how she achieved her look.

Lily has effortlessly transformed her new build house into a cosy, stylish home that she looks forward to coming home to time and time again.
“We always knew that we wanted to go with a classic look for our home and loved the style of Parker knoll’s furniture. We had in our mind that we wanted two different size sofas to fit the space in the living room. We came across the Westbury and fell in love as it fitted our style to a T.” – @taylorwimpeymilldale
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Get the look;

By selecting a neutral fabric, Boucle Oyster, for her furniture, Lily has created a refreshing vibe to her living room whilst maintaining that ever so important sense of cosiness by selecting a slightly textured fabric. We understand that a cream sofa can often be a daunting concept, especially if you have pets or little ones in your home and so we have a whole host of cleanable fabrics that can be used to recreate this look.
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Lily describes her style as; “Traditional classic pieces which never date, but also touches of modern. Every room in our home is neutral but with added touches of black, such as mirrors and lights, to give it that modern touch and break up the neutral. We get all of our inspiration from beautiful home accounts on Instagram and show homes.” – @taylorwimpeymilldale

Westbury fits the bill perfectly. The timeless style means that Lily will have a piece of furniture to last for many years to come. Even better, due to the neutral nature of this fabric, the possibilities are endless. Lily will be able to redecorate to her heart’s content, and Westbury’s versatility means she will never have to worry about whether the new paint suits the sofa style. There’s never been a better time to update your home. With our current offers, you can receive a FREE FOOTSTOOL when you purchase five or more seats of any of our Classic Models. Click here to explore our current offers.

Styling Tip;

If you aren’t looking to undertake major updates to your home in 2022, you can still achieve a home refresh, minus the stress. Experimenting with colour can make a huge impact on your living space. Try switching your scatters, introduce a reed diffuser or a bunch of flowers to create a new ambience. It’s surprising what a huge impact such small changes can make. We suggest layering texture and draping throws for the winter months to create that sought after sense of cosiness.

Favourite Features;

“Our favourite thing about the Westbury is the comfort, the classic scroll arm and choice of a brass castor leg.” – @taylorwimpeymilldale

It’s easy to see why Westbury is one of our best-selling models; it truly speaks for itself. The elegance, class and timeless design make it a statement for any home. Follow our latest Pinterest board for more inspiration on how to style Westbury as Lily has so beautifully done.

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