The Sofa Buying Guide

No matter what your budget, buying a sofa is a big investment in both your style and comfort, so there is a lot to consider. Getting it right is key, as unlike accessories that you will naturally change over time, your sofa will act as a corner stone to any decor scheme. Our Sofa Buying Guide is here to make this decision easy. We have pulled together four key areas to consider when you start looking for your perfect sofa.

  1.  Finding the perfect size
  2. Choosing the right style for your living space
  3. Picking a material that is right for your lifestyle and colour scheme
  4. Selecting your ultimate comfort interiors

Finding the perfect size

To make sure your new sofa is going to be the perfect size for you living space, be sure to measure the area where your new sofa will go. Take dimensions of the maximum height, width and depth ensuring you have enough space for your other furniture and walk ways. To get the most realistic idea of how this will look, try laying down card or paper to map out where your new sofa will go, this way any issues will arise before purchase.

Remember to take into account how you will get the sofa in. Ensure all doorways and walkways are big enough for the delivery.

Choosing the right style for your living space

Once you have found the perfect size for your space, we get to the run part! Finding the right style that suites your interior taste. At Parker Knoll we have a wide range of collections to suite your interior needs. Whether this be a classic sofa with a timeless feel, or something more contemporary that makes a statement, we have a variety to choose from. Once you find the right one, we have a range of options to choose from so you can personalise to meet all of your desires.

Picking a material that is right for your lifestyle and colour scheme

The age-old question, fabric or leather? Each have their pros and cons, but choosing¬† a material that best suites your lifestyle is what’s most important.

One of the main benefits of choosing fabric is that you will have a huge choice when it comes to colours and textures. From cottons to velvets, to plains to patterns, you can really make a statement. Although leather also comes in a variety of colours, you are much more limited. To help you choose, order your free fabric sample from us today.

Fabric sofas can be more comfortable and soft to touch, but they are less practical than leather sofas when it comes to cleaning. If you have pets or children who like to get messy, leathers are ideal as you can simply wipe them clean with a damp cloth. Fabrics on the other hand are a lot harder to get clean and dry.

Whichever you choose it is very important that you follow the correct aftercare instructions to ensure your sofa continues to look just as good as when you bought it.

Selecting your ultimate comfort interiors

Our sofas and chairs come in a range of interiors for you to choose from, selected models also have the option of a manual or electronic recline to enhance your comfort experience further.

Our Premium Comfort Foam has a foam core with a super soft topper which conforms to your body shape whilst having the ability to recover to it’s initial form, ensuring you have a supremely comfortable experience every time.

Encore seat interiors offers a solid foam core encased with pocketed roll carded fibre to give the look and feel of a fibre seat but with the added durability of foam. This technology will recover its shape and maintain its plumpness, unlike standard fibre seats which do require more maintenance to keep their shape.


25 Year Guarantee

With over 150 years of furniture making experience, at Parker Knoll we are experts in designing and developing the best of British sofas and chairs. That’s why all our furniture is supported by a 25 year frame and frame assembly guarantee – ensuring that you can find comfort in choosing Parker Knoll.

If you have already purchased your Parker Knoll, register your guarantee here.