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Behind the scenes with @bamaluzhome

We love seeing how you style your Parker Knoll furniture in your home! Whether it’s a new piece, vintage, classic or contemporary, it really does brighten up our day to see your homes oozing with personality.

When we discovered @bamaluzhome‘s posts of her vintage Parker Knoll chair through #myparkerknoll, we knew we just had to share it with you! Whilst Elle’s (the wonderful mind behind @bamaluzhome) chair doesn’t look like a typical vintage chair, her sustainability goal combined with a passion for interior décor has resulted in a dreamy upcycled piece.


We were curious to find out if there was a background story about this special chair.
“I found it on Facebook marketplace. It was in stunning condition and had already been reupholstered. But with a grey cat and black fabric, I was hoovering it every day! I decided to replace the seat foam as it was the original, which had lost a lot of its ‘bounce’ (as expected for a very old chair!) so I just bought some foam cut to size from eBay.”

Upcycling is a great way to sustainably style your home, but an investment in long-lasting, quality furniture can be just as rewarding. In today’s world, ‘throwaway’ culture is all too common. We encourage our consumers to invest in quality, handcrafted, made-to-order furniture.


This particular chair was first produced in 1948 and was named PK1450. The chair was practical and undeniably comfortable as it was crafted with our infamous coiled wire springs! This revolutionary idea was first discovered in 1921 when the Parkers met Willi Knoll, a German fighter pilot. The coiled wire spring system was developed to redefine comfort and remains unchanged in many of our chairs today!

Elle’s vintage Parker Knoll chair is over 70 years old and fits perfectly with her mid-century modern home. All our furniture comes with a 25-year frame guarantee, meaning you can sit back and truly relax with Parker Knoll. We asked Elle what she loved most about her chair “The curved arms! Curves are very in fashion right now and hard to find on furniture.”


Elle’s home is undeniably beautiful, she strikes the perfect balance between Japandi and Boho, Modern and minimalist. Her pared back styling includes layers of texture which work perfectly together to create an organic feel to her living space. Carefully selected greenery, large windows and neutral colours accentuate the size of her home to give it a modern open plan feeling, whilst retaining a natural element of woods and woven fabrics that truly ground her living space.
Tip; Add dimension to your home by layering neutral tones throughout! Order your complimentary fabric samples today and create your mood board.

This was only Elle’s second upholstery project. We think she has done a splendid job in giving this vintage chair a new lease of life. For more inspiration on upcycling head over to our latest Pinterest Board!

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