A Chair Full of Magic - Parker Knoll
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A Chair Full of Magic

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin… Once up on a time there was a chair….

Did you know that Roald Dahl’s much-loved wing-back writing chair – the chair in which he created the world of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, of the BFG, Mathilda and the Twits – was a Parker Knoll?

Originally located in his writing shed, the chair formed part of a carefully orchestrated space, which ensured the author could write for hours in peace. Everything he needed was placed within arms-reach and he even removed part of the back of the chair to suit the position he liked to sit in.


Using a writing table propped-up on an old cardboard tube and surrounded by a collection of his favourite things, he would write all morning – curtains closed – crafting wondrous worlds, filled with magic and delight.

Now housed in the Roald Dahl Museum, the Parker Knoll chair is one of its most popular attractions and is sat on by visitors hundreds of times a week. In honour of the author’s 100th anniversary this year, the museum decided to give it some extra love with a much-needed makeover.



Working closely with the Parker Knoll team and  Richardsons Re-Upholstery in Chesham, the chair was lovingly re-covered with a beautiful new Parker Knoll fabric and delivered safely home, showcasing a slightly fresher look!



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