Cleanable Fabrics



Cleanable Fabrics

Crypton Fabrics

Simple and practical to clean, stains are easily lifted away without the need for abrasive cleaners.

While the performance features of Crypton Fabric make it easy to clean, it is not self-cleaning. Please use the simple instructions below to clean.

1. Blot any excess liquid; wipe away excess mess with a dry, clean towel.
2. Mix together a simple soap and water solution. We recommend mixing 1/4 teaspoon enzyme laundry or dish detergent, like Ariel® or Persil®, with 1 cup warm water.
3. Apply the solution and agitate with a soft bristle brush. Make sure to brush lightly and work from the outside of the stain inward so as not to spread the stain. Rinse your sponge or brush frequently.
4. Blot with a clean towel and rinse. Repeat if necessary.
5. And remember, soap attracts dirt, so make sure to rinse thoroughly.
6. Allow fabric to air dry.

Easycare Fabrics

Feel free to live on your sofa with Easycare. This range of durable fabrics is resistant against almost all day-to-day household stains. Both eco-friendly and super soft, this collection is easy-to-clean with just a sponge, water and mild soap.

We have a range of Easycare fabrics in our current collection. These include Fusion, Latitude and Capture fabrics which can be found in the ‘LifeStyle’ swatch book in store, or on our fabric section of the website. Click here to browse the full fabric range.

Easycare and Easy Clean

Almost all average household, oil- and protein-based stains (e.g. olive-oil, red wine, coffee, tea, milk, fruit juice, jam…) can be removed by sponge cleaning using water and mild soap.

1- First, take off any excess residue from the spill immediately with a wet cloth or, if necessary, with abundant (lukewarm) water.
2- Then clean the stain with a sponge, water and eventually mild soap.
3- Allow to air dry.

Top Tips

– Test the detergents in a small inconspicuous area first.
– Don’t try to pluck off encrusted soiling as this could damage the pile.
– Solvent-based stains (e.g; shoe polish, ink, lipstick, nail polish…) should be taken care of with professional cleaning advice.

If you are unable to find the information you require above, please seek advice from your local retailer. Click here to find your local retailer.