The Sofa Buying Guide

Here at Parker Knoll we understand that there can be a lot to consider when choosing your new sofa. Getting it right is key, as unlike accessories that you will naturally change over time, your sofa will act as a cornerstone of your home and your chosen décor scheme. Our Sofa Buying Guide is here to help make this decision a little easier. We have pulled together four key areas to consider when you looking for your perfect sofa.

  1.  Finding the perfect size
  2. Choosing the right style for your living space
  3. Picking a material that is right for your lifestyle and colour scheme
  4. Selecting your the right interiors for you

Finding the perfect size

To be sure your new sofa is going to be the perfect size for your living space, it’s important to not only measure the area where your new sofa will go but the access to the area. Take dimensions of the maximum height, width, and depth ensuring you have enough space for your other furniture and walkways. To help you visualise your Parker Knoll furniture in your space, try laying down some newspaper to map out where your new sofa will go.

Still need help measuring your space? Click here for our Measuring Guide

Choosing the right style for you and your home

Once you have found the perfect size for your space, we get to the exciting part! Finding the right style for you and your home.

At Parker Knoll, we have a wide range of collections to suit all tastes and desires. Whether you're looking for a classic sofa with a timeless feel, or something more contemporary that makes a statement, we have a breadth of choice. And, once you've selected your style, we have a range of options to choose from so you can not only style a lounge you'll love but, find the right comfort for you.

Picking a fabric or leather that is right for your lifestyle and colour scheme

The age-old question, fabric or leather? Each has its pros and cons but choosing a material that best suits your lifestyle is the most important part.

Here at Parker Knoll, we have an extensive collection of fabrics offered in a range of colours and textures, sourced by our design experts from the finest mills all over the world. From cotton to velvets, plains to patterns, you can really make a statement. To help you choose, order your free fabric and leather samples from us today.

When choosing between fabric and leather it’s important to consider how your sofa will be used, and where it will be placed. Whichever you choose it is essential that you follow the correct aftercare instructions to ensure your sofa retains its beautiful appearance.

Within our fabric collection, we have a wide range of Velvets and Chenilles. These fabrics have a beautifully soft handle, they have a high pile as a result of a double weaving process, this pile may cause the fabrics to shade, show pressure marks and flatten. These qualities should not be regarded as a fault, but instead a unique characteristic of these natural fabrics.

For further information and special care for Fabric Upholstery, click here.

Here at Parker Knoll, our leather range offers a super soft feel with sumptuous colours – a stylish option for your new furniture. Parker Knoll leathers are selected from premium tanneries worldwide, they are natural products and every hide has a unique life story. Leather will stretch and move and may display traces of the past, such as healed scars, insect bites, growth marks, veins, sometimes even brand marks. These are all hallmarks of hide and in no way detract from wearing qualities of leather.

For more information and to choose the perfect Leather for you, click here.

Selecting the right seat cushion interiors for you

At Parker Knoll, we have a world of choice when it comes to selecting the perfect seat interiors for you. Whether it’s a firmer sit that offers additional support or something softer to sink into, we can help you choose the right interior option for you. To find your perfect sit, please read our handy selection guide below.


Selecting your Interiors - Are you looking for something to sink into?

If you’re looking for a more relaxed sit, with sink-into comfort, we would recommend one of the below interiors.

Encore Fibre

Encore Fibre offers all the comfort of a fibre interior combined with the added durability and practicality of foam. Our Encore Fibre technology is specially designed to recover its shape and maintain its plumpness, unlike standard fibre seats which do require much more maintenance to retain their shape.


Fibre interiors are soft, deep, and inviting. Offering that beautifully relaxing ‘sink into’ sublime comfort for which Parker Knoll has always been renowned. It is important to bear in mind that Fibre interiors will need regular plumping and turning to maintain their look, shape, and comfortable sit.

Fusion Fibre

Fusion Fibre interiors offer soft and deep cushioning, with the added durability you would get from a foam interior, meaning less maintenance is required.


Quallofil Fusion is available in a selection of our Classic occasional chairs. These seat interiors will spring back to their original shape, time after time, retaining their beautiful appearance and super-soft, inviting sit.

Selecting your Interiors - Are you looking for a firmer sit?

If you’re looking for a firm, consistent and supportive sit, we recommend one of the below comfort interiors.

Premium Comfort Foam

Our Premium Comfort Foam has a foam core with a super soft topper that will conform to your body shape.  These seats recover and retain their shape beautifully, ensuring you have a supremely comfortable experience every time you sit.


Foam seats offer generous comfort with great durability, requiring less maintenance to uphold their shape.


*Please note seat interiors will soften after initial use, this is a normal characteristic of foam. You can prolong the longevity of your interiors by regularly plumping and rotating them. For more information on how to care for you furniture, read our Care Booklet.


All of our scatter cushions come with the option of Feather or Fibre interiors. Feather interiors provide a relaxed look and require daily plumping, while Fibre interiors hold their shape and require less maintenance. Fibre interiors are also a good option for those who may be prone to any allergies.

25 Year Guarantee

With over 150 years of furniture making experience, at Parker Knoll we are experts in designing and developing the best of British sofas and chairs. That’s why all our furniture is supported by a 25 year frame and frame assembly guarantee – ensuring that you can find comfort in choosing Parker Knoll.

If you have already purchased your Parker Knoll, register your guarantee here.