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Austen Dove

Austen Medallion Dove

Austen Medallion Oatmeal

Austen Oatmeal

Austen Stripe Dove

Austen Stripe Oatmeal

Austen Trellis Dove

Austen Trellis Oatmeal

Balenciaga Antique Red

Balenciaga Red Gold

Balenciaga Teal

Baslow Check Gold

Baslow Check Mulberry

Baslow Floral Gold

Baslow Floral Mink

Baslow Floral Mulberry

Baslow Medallion Gold

Baslow Medallion Mink

Baslow Medallion Mulberry

Baslow Plain Gold

Baslow Plain Mink

Baslow Plain Mulberry

Baslow Stripe Gold

Baslow Stripe Mink

Baslow Stripe Mulberry

Bellaura Stripe Duck Egg

Bexley Linen

Bexley Oatmeal

Bexley Sea Spray

Bexley Smoke

Bexley Thistle

Birma Gold

Bloomsbury Co ordinate Duck Egg

Bloomsbury Duck Egg

Boucle Cherry

Boucle Chocolate

Boucle Corn

Boucle Earth

Boucle Fennel

Boucle Heather

Boucle Jute

Boucle Oyster

Boucle Porridge

Boucle Sage

Boucle Terracotta

Boucle Truffle

Brandon Teal

Brandoni Biscuit

Brooke Stripe Duck Egg

Caledonian Grey

Caledonian Oatmeal

Caledonian Pebble

Caledonian Silver

Caledonian Stone

Callas Antique

Camden Beige

Camden Blue

Camden Green

Capture Duck Egg

Capture Grey

Capture Mink

Capture Natural

Columbus Motif Ruby

Columbus Ruby

Como Black

Como Caramel

Como Chocolate

Como Conker

Como Cream

Como Dove

Como Mink

Como Oak

Como Red

Como Sage

Como Skye Blue

Como Slate

Como Taupe

Coniston Beige

Coniston Blue

Coniston Gold

Coniston Green

Coniston Red

Coniston Wheat

Crackle Beige

Cromwell Barley

Cromwell Mint

Cuba Co ordinate Sand

Cuba Plain Sand

Dallas Dark Brown

Dallas Tan

Eliot Gold

Eliot Plain Gold

Eliot Plain Sage

Eliot Plain Smoke

Eliot Sage

Eliot Smoke

Emporio Floral Beige

Emporio Floral Gold

Emporio Floral Red

Emporio Plain Beige

Emporio Plain Gold

Emporio Plain Red

Equinox Butterscotch

Equinox Light Blue

Equinox Sage

Equinox Sand

Equinox Terracotta

Euphoria Charcoal

Euphoria Coffee

Euphoria Duck Egg

Euphoria Green

Euphoria Light Green

Euphoria Mulberry

Euphoria Sand

Fox Beige

Fox Blue

Fulham Sage

Fusion Gold

Fusion Grey

Fusion Sage

Fusion Stone

Galley Coordinate Red

Galley Medallion Red

Garda Chestnut

Garda Chocolate

Harris Caramel

Harris Check Caramel

Harris Check Duck Egg

Harris Check Slate

Harris Duck Egg

Harris Rose

Harris Slate

Harris Stripe Caramel

Harris Stripe Duck Egg

Harris Stripe Slate

Harry Gold

Harry Slate

Highland Gold

Jennings Amethyst

Jennings Amethyst

Jennings Mist

Jennings Old Gold

Jennings Pewter

Jennings Silver

London Saddle

Madrid Beige

Madrid Blue

Madrid Red

Marlowe Beige

Matteo Caramel

Matteo Duck Egg

Montauk Check Gold

Montauk Medallion Gold

Montauk Narrow Stripe Gold

Montauk Plain Gold

Montauk Wide Stripe Gold

Monza Chalk

Monza Clay

Monza Limestone

Monza Putty

Monza Sand

Murray Check Cream

Murray Check Gold

Murray Herringbone Cream

Murray Herringbone Gold

Murray Patchwork Cream

Murray Patchwork Gold

Murray Plaid Cream

Murray Plaid Gold

Murray Stripe Cream

Murray Stripe Gold

Nouveau Caramel

Nouveau Rose

Nouveau Stripe Caramel

Nouveau Stripe Rose

Oliver Stone

Paris Damask Duck Egg

Paris Duck Egg

Paris Medallion Duck Egg

Paris Narrow Stripe Duck Egg

Paris Oyster

Paris Oyster

Paris Silver

Paris Silver

Paris Stripe Duck Egg

Peru ruby

Peru Stripe Ruby

Ragley Medallion Blue

Ragley Medallion Red

Ragley Plain Red

Ragley Stripe Red

Sabrina Beige

Safari Chocolate

Safari Rust

Sandringham Check Cream

Sandringham Stripe Cream

Seville Beige

Taluca Caramel

Taluca Green

Taluca Natural

Taluca Oatmeal

Taluca Slate

Theodora Plain Gold

Theodora Plain Red

Vine Beige

Wickham Houndstooth Old Gold

Wickham Old Gold

Wickham Plaid Old Gold

William Cream

William Sage

Willow Cream

Willow Oatmeal

Willow Pebble

Wilson check lilac

Wilson Stripe Lilac

Windsor Check Duck Egg

Windsor Stripe Duck Egg

Zimaso Duck Egg

Zimaso Natural

Zimaso Purple

Zimaso Rust

Zimis Duck Egg

Zimis Natural

Zimis Purple

Zimis Rust

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The best of British quality and timeless design

Handcrafted in Nottinghamshire, our extensive range of beautifully designed upholstery combines stylish pieces, with sumptuous comfort

Quality & Craftsmanship for Over 148 Years

Established over 148 years ago, Parker Knoll are renowned for designing and developing Sofas and Chairs of the highest possible quality. All the Sofas and Chairs at Parker Knoll are handcrafted in Britain to an extremely high standard, with each piece characterised by its distinctive design and attention to detail. Originally from a small workshop in London, Parker Knoll is now firmly based in a state of the art manufacturing facility in Nottinghamshire as a high quality upholstery manufacturer, dedicated to providing you with the ultimate in comfort. Using 148 years of furniture making expertise, along with innovative and market leading design initiatives, Parker Knoll bring you a unique collection of elegant chairs and classic sofas to suit the requirements of stylish everyday living.

Parker Knoll Collections Available Nationwide

Parker Knoll Sofas and Chairs are available at furniture retailers nationwide. Find your nearest Parker Knoll stockist by entering your postcode on our Find a Retailer page. Alternatively, come and visit us at our extensive showroom located in Harrington Mills, Long Eaton, to view and experience our entire collection.