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Key Trends – Spring 2022

As the nights draw out, we are eagerly awaiting the simple pleasures that Spring has to offer. Fresh daffodils blooming, long spring nights and delicate little lambs. A sight we can’t wait to see following what seems like the longest winter to date. In the spirit of a new season, we’re bringing you our favourite trends for SS22, to keep your eye on and perhaps even try.

Lasting Style

With the ongoing effects of ‘buy it and throw it away’ consumerism on our planet, it is more important than ever to consider our buying habits carefully. Following changes across the world in recent years, people crave a sense of comfort, yearning for familiarity. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Classic styles are trending this spring. As experts in handcrafted comfort, we’ve got you covered. Our Classic collection  showcases a variety of sofas and chairs that feature traditional scroll arms, elegant curves and are available in a range of our luxury fabrics. Not only is our furniture stylish, but we also offer an industry-leading 25-year frame and frame assembly guarantee on all collections. Meaning you can relax in comfort knowing your furniture will be part of your home for years to come.

Regency Chair in Persia Rose and Ashbourne Chair in Plush Mulberry. Ashbourne Large Two Seater Powered Footrest Sofa in Country Rose.

Open Plan Living

Remodelling your home to be open plan can be an expensive project, however a decision that few regret. Open plan living doesn’t always have to be contemporary, there are a whole host of ways to integrate this into your home  . This creates a much more social setting, allowing for the family to move with fluidity around the home. Following a tough few years, quality time with family has never been so important. Opening your kitchen to the dining room will transform it to become the heart of your home and makes it much easier to entertain and socialise with friends and family. We don’t see this trend going anywhere soon.

Design 1801 Two Seater Sofa in Bexley Smoke and Large Two Seater Sofa in Como Dove, Scatter in Ribbon Aubergine.

Garden makeover

After a long winter wrapped up indoors by the cosy fireplace, we are ready to make the most of that fresh air. Circulation of fresh air is connected to a strengthened immune system and boosts serotonin levels amongst many other health benefits. So why not give your garden a makeover and create a space you cannot resist spending time in. Introduce heaters or firepits so that you can make use of your garden, regardless of weather, or invest in that garden furniture you’ve had on your wish list for 2 years. That’s not to say that the changes you make must be at a great cost, low-cost small changes can have just as much impact. Paint your patio with stencils, plant some new flowers or even add fairy lights to give your garden a cheerful boost.

Image; Solar Centre

Considered Organisation

Something we are starting to see regularly from the likes of many Influencers, such as Mrs Hinch and Stacey Solomon is the aesthetic organisation of daily objects. While previous trends have been based around a spotless home, in 2022 we are more accepting of the fact that a home is full of personal items that can make your home look messy, no matter how useful they might be. Considered organising is taking your daily items and rather than hiding them away, displaying them in a way that suits your home.

For example, you might choose to display shoes and coats on a rack but keep within the neutral tones so that they seem organised. Or reorganising your bookshelf, use some shelves for trinkets and some for books; find a way to style using the pieces you have, but consider the items you pair together. If you would prefer to clear books and magazines away once they’ve been used, why not have a look at our storage stools? The perfect way to maintain practicality, whilst keeping your home organised.

Large Storage Footstool pictured here in Maroc Truffle.

Vintage furniture

Low waste living is becoming more and more important in everyday life. We can all make small changes or decisions which will collectively have a positive impact to reduce the amount of waste we produce. As a result of this, we are seeing a rise in the number of people who are opting to upcycle furniture. We are no stranger to this… we are tagged (#myparkerknoll) several times a day in images of our vintage ‘built to last chairs’ that have been reupholstered to give them a new lease of life. Explore your local charity shop or even try Facebook marketplace to get your hands on a vintage Parker Knoll Chair, you’d be surprised at the hidden gems you might find.

Our vintage chairs deserve to be nurtured for years to come and if that means changing hands so that they can have a new lease of life injected into them, we’re all here for it. Although we do not offer a upholstery service, we do recommend that you use The Association of Master Upholsterers. If you’re looking to stay on-brand with your vintage chair, you can get your hands on our carefully selected fabric through our local retailers.

Froxfield Side Chair reupholstered in Summer Garden fabric by Kitty Mccall

With Spring marking a ‘fresh start’ for many, we hope that we have inspired you to update your home this year. Whether you’re looking to splurge, save or even satisfy the planet, our top tips will have you covered to stay on-trend.
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