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Spring Styling Tips 2020

With today marking the start of Spring, it’s the perfect time to look at ways to add a fresh feel to your home without having to sacrifice the space you already love. There are plenty of ways you can make small changes to your space which will make a huge difference in the overall look and feel of your room

  1. Add Bright Colours to Your Room

Weather it’s your hallway, kitchen or living room. It is easy to add a splash of colour either to a wall, a door, bannister or fireplace. This will instantly give your home a spring fresh feel. Amongst our favourites to create a spring feel are dusty pinks, lemon yellows and sage greens. If you are looking for a more subtle way to add pops of colour, why not consider painting over vases, plant pots or bookshelves that you already have?

2.  Add House Plants

Adding a houseplant to your space can really bring the outside in. These additions are the perfect way to bring your room to life. If you’re worried about keeping them alive, why not try an artificial plant or cactus?

3. Swap your rugs

Swap out your old rugs for a new, more lively replacement. This will instantly refresh your living space without the expense of a new floor.


4. De-Clutter and organise

A simple a cash free way to update your space!

It’s a great way to mentally prepare yourself for the season – out with the old and in with the new. Not to mention the great sense of achievement you will get after.


5. Reuse Old Jars and Bottles

If you enjoy little DIY projects, you’ll love this. Take an empty glass bottle or jar and add lace around the centre for a pretty, rustic feel. Then add foliage or flower cuttings from your garden. The beauty of this is, no matter the size of the jar or what you put around it, varying them can definitely add a personal touch. In the process of making your home beautiful, you’re also helping the planet by reusing unwanted material.

6. Purchase New Bedding
Amongst many other great feelings in life, up there with our favourite has to be that fresh bedding feel. This gives you the opportunity to widen your spring clean throughout the whole house. You could zest up your bedroom with a bright duvet set or go with a classic crisp white bedding.

7. Change your scatter cushions.
Swapping the scatter cushions on your furniture is a quick and easy way to update your living room. Bright colours, patterned scatters and a variation of texture, the possibilities are endless. View the scatter combinations on our website for more inspiration.


8. Let the Light in

Sunlight is one of the best mood boosters available. Have a look around your house and decide how you can get more light into your living space. Moving furniture around to make your room feel more spacious can be surprisingly helpful in encouraging the light into your room. Why not try raising your blinds a little higher or swapping dark curtains for something a little lighter to welcome the Spring months.

For more inspiration on how to style your house for spring, take a look at our Spring Interior Trends board on Pinterest.


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