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New Year Better Home

Looking to revive your living space this New Year? Everyday throughout January we are posting daily styling tips on our Instagram stories for our New Year, Better Home campaign. Our top tips and design inspiration for your home will cover everything from how to make small spaces look bigger, to how to make your space feel tranquil and calm.

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Styling Tip 1: Liven up ordinary spaces with wallpaper

Using wallpaper as a feature is great way to bring a new life to any room, as it adds a focal point for you to compliment with matching accessories.

Styling Tip 2: Make ceilings look higher with tall furniture

Large pieces of furniture can help make a room look so much bigger, their height gives the illusion of a spacious room with a tall ceiling.

Styling Tip 3: Add character to your home by painting interior doors in rich colour

To add a bold contrast to a neutral room, paint your interior doors in a bold, rich tone.

Styling Tip 4: Embrace your space by using mirrors to make your room look bigger

By placing mirrors around your home, you help reflect light and brighten your home, as well as adding the illusion of depth.

Styling Tip 5: Bring the outside in by adding greenery for a brighter space

Bring your rooms to life by adding greenery that will last all year round.

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Styling Tip 6: Add a calming atmosphere to your home using candles and fairy lights.

Lighting with candles gives a room a warm, cosy feeling on a cold winter’s day.

Styling Tip 7: Have a new year de-clutter, re-arrange your rooms to make small spaces look bigger

The start of a new year is a great time to have a clear out and start a fresh.

Styling Tip 8: Let your creativity show by playing with lighting to change the mood of your room

Choosing the right lighting for a room is very important, whether you want to create an intimate homely feel or a bright, lively atmosphere.

Styling Tip 9: Think about choosing neutral tones for high value items so they stand the test of time

No matter what season or trend, neutral pieces can be paired with a variety of colours and patterns, ensuring that they can be used again and again. To view our fabrics, click here.

Styling Tip 10: Sometimes a subtle change can make a big impact; replace your door handles for an instant transformation

Little changes can make a big difference a room and add a fresh lease of life.

Amersham collection is a classic, timeless design that has been modernised to simplify lines and provide a focus on nothing but comfort.

Styling Tip 11: Add a touch of elegance to your home, decorate doors with ceiling medallions

If you want to add a classic touch to your home, medallions are a great way to bring an ornate and decorative element to any room.

Styling Tip 12: To create the illusion of a higher ceiling, partially paint your walls

By only painting part of wall, you instantly add a new feature into the room. Use a pop of colour or a complimentary neutral tone, it’s up to you.

Styling Tip 13: Create a bold statement in your home by using bright pops of colour

Whether that’s with wallpaper, paint or furniture, be bold and bring bright pops of colour into your home.

Styling Tip 14: Adding a striking piece of artwork to any room is a great way to create a focal point

A great way to show your style and flare is to incorporate artwork into your home, it can be used on its own or as part of a feature wall.

Styling Tip 15: Bring some warm tones into your home by adding gold and brass accents

Brass beautifully compliments neutral colours and adds rich, warm accents to any room.

NEW Solid Brass Dragonfly Door Knocker - Decorative Outdoors - Outdoor Garden Accessories - Outdoor Living     The Etienne collection is a timeless classic with clean and contemporary lines. Super comfortable, this collection is available with either our spring or encore foam technology. A classic collection handmade in Britain by our expert craftsman using our latest innovation in premium comfort technology. Available in soft touch fabrics or fine leathers. Available as a snuggler, chaise, standard two seater, grand sofa and footstool. Includes scatter cushions.

Styling Tip 16: Work with pastels, add colour whist giving a room a relaxing feel

Cool pastel shades make a room feel relaxed and calming for when you want to chill out.

Styling Tip 17: Natural, organic accessories are soft contrasts to pops of colour

Adding scatter cushions and throws to your furniture is a simple way of adding complimentary neutral hues to bright pops of colour.

Styling Tip 18: Get cosy with comfy cushions and soft blankets on cold winter evenings

To brighten up cold January days, a warm blanket and some fluffy cushions add a cosy, comforting feel to any home.

Styling Tip 19: Adding some vintage pieces to your gives a classic, homely feel

Vintage pieces that stand the test of time are a perfect addition to any home and will be an emerging interior trend for 2020.

Styling Tip 20: Liven up you room by using botanical prints as fun, vibrant features

If you want to add a bold new aspect to your room, try playing around with fun botanical prints on wallpaper and soft furnishings.

        Parker Knoll Fitzrovia Armchair, Bracklyn Teal with Charlotte Teal Back      

Styling Tip 21: Think about small details that you could add to bring the whole room together.

Its all in the detail, try and think of little additions that could add the finishing touches to your home

Styling Tip 22: Bring back echoes of the 1920’s with Art Deco prints

For a luxurious feel, add Art Deco prints for a stylish touch to any room. These will perfectly compliment any items from our Collection 150 range, which takes designs cues from the 20’s Art Deco period.

Styling Tip 23: Play around with different scatter cushions to bring out pops of colour and print

By adding scatter cushions, you can easily add bursts of colour and print, and if you fancy something different they can be easily swapped and changed.

Styling Tip 24: Classic pieces elevate and add new dimensions to a modern room

Classic pieces add a chic feel to any room, they are practical as well as beautiful. View our Classic Collection here.

Styling Tip 25: Make a statement with a bold geometric pattern

Be adventurous and use geometric prints on your walls and soft furnishings to grab people’s attention.

The Montana offers a hint of mid-century charm and contemporary styling with it’s modern lines and sleek show wood plinth.      The Montana offers a hint of mid-century charm and contemporary styling with it’s modern lines and sleek show wood plinth. This collection is handmade in Britain by our expert craftsman using our latest innovation in premium comfort technology.      The Fitzroy is a stylish tub chair which takes inspiration from the Art Deco period. With sweeping arms and backs, and a bolster cushion added for support, this piece looks at its best is pastel fabrics with complimentary Art Deco Prints.

Styling Tip 26: Embrace earth tones to add a natural feel to your home

Calming earthy tones create a neutral base for you to build on with elements of colour and pattern.

Styling Tip 27: Tones of dusky pink bring a delicate, calming touch to any space

Soft pink hues will add a touch of tranquility and serenity to any home, giving you a relaxed homely feel.

Styling Tip 28: Play around with different textures, such as velvet and suede

By using different textures, you can add a whole new aspect to the design of your room.

Styling Tip 29: Add personal touches to your home to show your personality

Your home is an extension of your personality, so decorate it with photographs, quotes and artwork that are sentimental to you.

Styling Tip 30: Using curved, rounded furniture in your home gives it a retro feel

Adding retro elements to your home adds character and an old school vibe. If this trend is for you, view our Collection 150 range.

Styling Tip 31: Footstools add extra storage and seating without compromising on space

Making the most of your space is key, footstools are a great way to give you that little extra room whilst adding extra comfort to your room. View our range of footstools here.

Celebrating 150 years of Parker Knoll        Inspired by the Art Deco period, the Camden footstool is an elegant piece that with work perfectly with any living space. Stylish as well as convenient, this footstool also doubles up as a storage unit.       Design 1703 is a contemporary update to one of our much loved iconic designs from the 60s. The design is distinguished by finely detailed stitching on the back, headrest and arms, and a polished chrome tulip base. Experience ultimate comfort through the high curving back and a sophisticated rocking mechanism.

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