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3 Refreshing Summer Gin Cocktails

Gin is a wonderful refreshment for a light summer tipple with friends. With a herbal flavour and plenty of versatility, gin is the perfect base for a BBQ cocktail.

In this week’s blog we’re sharing a few of our favourites.

Tom Collins

Source: Jamie Oliver

A simple cocktail mixed with refreshing lemon juice and a natural sugar syrup, a Tom Collins is best enjoyed on a relaxing weekend.

  • 1 25ml measure of Gin
  • 1/2 of half a juiced lemon
  • 2 50ml soda water
  • 2 tsp caster sugar
  • A handful of cubed ice
  • A lemon wedge

Apple, Elderflower & Gin Cocktail

Source: BBC Good Food

This fruity, floral combination makes a refreshing sharer at a summer BBQ. To make your own, combine gin with British apple juice and natural elderflower cordial and serve on ice.

  • 250ml Gin
  • 200ml Elderflower Cordial
  • 1L Cloudy British Apple Juice
  • Apple slices and ice to serve

Earl of Orange Gin

If you’re after an enjoyable early evening cocktail then this energising Earl Grey and gin mix is just the ticket. Adding a splash of orange or slice of lime gives it a refreshing citrusy kick, perfect after a long week!

  • 500ml gin
  • 2 earl grey tea bags
  • 1 orange or 1 lime

What is your favourite gin cocktail to enjoy on a summer evening? We’d love to hear your recipes. Make sure to share them with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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