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Organise your Home this January

Now that the Christmas festivities are over, you may feel that your home needs a bit of love and attention to get it feeling refreshed again. It can seem like a daunting task, but by simply making a few adjustments in organising and managing your storage solutions, you can create some extra space.

The first month of a new year is a prime time to revitalise and de-clutter your home.

Office Clip Wall


Image: Design Sponge

De-clutter your desktop and utilise the blank space on your walls by clipping your reminders in perfect sight. This simple tip is ideal for everything from the smallest reminders to shopping lists and family post cards..

Systematic Pantry


Image: Classy Clutter

If your pantry is making you feel overwhelmed with unsightly food packaging, and a hoard of ingredients, consider storing your dry goods in clearly labelled glass apothecary jars and boxes. This will make cooking much easier for the whole family and keeps your home looking tidy and organised.

Memo Blackboard


Image: Blooming Rose Musings

Blackboards are a timeless classic, and create the perfect space to scribble down small reminders. Most believe that they are usually best styled within a modern monochrome theme. Why not bring your blackboard to life by adding a rustic picture frame, and decorating with a floral design that compliments your colour scheme?

Stationary Organiser


Image: Container Store

Cutlery draw organisers are a blessing in disguise for anyone who has a ‘bits and bobs’ drawer that’s in need of some love. A simple solution that keeps your wires tangle-free, and pens, paper clips and stationary easier to find!

Functional Trays


Image: Decor Dots

For the kitchen, trays are an elegant way of keeping small items together, and your counter top looking organised. A simple thin design is functional, and will reduce clutter whilst looking stylish. This hack works especially well if space is an issue, as your small items can easily be moved to make way for more food preparation.

We’d love to hear your new year’s organisation hacks, and how you’ve created more space you never knew you had! Simply click on the links below and share your suggestions with us on social media.

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