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6 Spring Arrangements to Freshen up Your Home

6 Spring Arrangements to Freshen up Your Home

If you’re looking to freshen up your home this spring, you’ll be surprised at the impact incorporating a few flower arrangements will have! Bringing the outdoors in not only adds life to your décor, but has also been proven to have a positive impact on your mood – the ideal post winter pick-me-up!

Whether you like to get creative with a delicate array of mixed blooms, or keep it simple with a bouquet of your favourite flowers, this week’s blog post has plenty of inspiration!

Traditional Character

Homes & Gardens

We can’t help but swoon over this elegant blush arrangement of peaches and pinks. The mixture of textures brings the backdrop of matching wallpaper to life. Why not use your own floral décor as inspiration?

Purple Bloom

House Beautiful

Be bold and make a statement with this majestic magenta and mauve display. The colours of the bookshelf give a warming glow, while the flowers add an eclectic element that creates excitement.

The height of the bouquet is an important feature of this design, so make sure you have enough room to avoid making your space look smaller.

Denim Hydrangeas

My Domaine

Blue is predicted to be the colour of 2017! This full bouquet is calming and refreshing thanks to the hint of pale blue that embellishes the flowers.

Hydrangeas are notorious for quickly drying out! Make sure to prolong their freshness, by conditioning the blooms. Do this by submerging them in water, flower-down, for around 20 minutes.

Wild Inspiration

Apartment Apothecary

If a perfectly organised arrangement isn’t your style, why not mix cuttings found in the wild, British countryside for a more rustic look? The deep green hues of the stems contrast beautifully with the white bursts in the above image.

The most enticing aspect of this arrangement is its simplicity. Gathering cuttings from the wild can also create an idyllic aroma reminiscent of Sunday  family walks in the countryside.

Simplicity is Key

Sheer Luxe

Eucalyptus, symbolic for its healing properties, is a relatively widespread plant. Placed in this simple jar, introducing these to your home is the best way to add life, without drawing your attention away from the other elements in the room.

Pastel Palette

Heart Handmade UK

For a more modern ‘country home’ look, mix and match pastel shades or add subtle pops of colour to a neutral scheme. The rustic water jugs used here perfectly compliment the daffodils whilst creating a simple accent that will brighten up any room.

We would love to see your ideas for spring arrangements that you’re planning for Spring 2017. Share them with us on social media and make sure to include your top tips for creating the perfect bouquet!

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