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3 of the Best 2016 Interiors Trends

3 of the Best 2016 Interiors Trends

A new year means a fresh set of trends to spark our imaginations and keep our homes feeling stylish.

What we love about these seasonal updates is that you can take as much or as little as you like from them. They’re not a mandate on what you should have in your home or how it should look, but simply a new way of interpreting things.

We positively encourage mixing and matching ideas, re-working colour palettes and using them as sounding boards for new projects.

SOFT NEUTRALS TBLT2016_1-800Image: Trend Bible

Neutral colour palettes have been given a soft, feminine makeover with shades of pink and pale grey taking the lead. Consider introducing these gentle hues on walls, or add them to your sofa using cushions and throws.


Dark FloralsImages: Yellow Trace, Ellie Cashman, Parker Knoll Ashley Rose Sage Fabric

Floral patterns recur year after year, but 2016 sees them taking on a darker more sophisticated theme. The key to this trend is balancing both dark and light elements to create a beautifully dramatic contrast.


70sImages: Talisman London, Red Online, Take Over Time, My Domaine, Parker Knoll Statesman Chair

The 70s saw a huge revival in 2015, which looks set to continue well into 2016. Showcasing cool clean lines, angled legs and a retro colour palette the latest interpretations of these styles have encapsulated some of the best bits from the era and brought them right up-to-date. Our Statesman chair is the perfect homage and will transform any corner into a space of comfort and luxury.

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