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3 Inspiring Lighting Ideas

When decorating your home, getting the lighting right can make or break the atmosphere. You can set the right mood by using anything from simple fairy lights to elegant chandeliers.

We’ve put together a few ways in which you can achieve the perfect look this autumn without taking away from your style, or the latest trends.

Create an Ambience


Images: OptimumGarden, A.Beasley

You may find that your lighting can be slightly too intense in the darker nights which can in turn make your spaces feel cold and unwelcoming. Create a warmer feel with softer lighting. Simple fairy lights are beautiful when draped down windows of your bedroom, or glowing in your conservatory. To achieve a similar feel in a more contemporary setting, use LED lights to line the underside of cabinets in your kitchen, or shelves in your lounge.

Enhance the Look


Images:  Parker Knoll Amelie Two Seater and Snuggler, ThisIsGlamorous

Chandeliers are a timeless statement piece, and work well with any décor. Opt for a tiered crystal fitting to complement a minimalist look – bridging the gap between classic and contemporary in a sophisticated way. This look can also be created by choosing a modern design paired with a more vintage-inspired room.

Make a Statement


Images: Parker Knoll Isabelle Large Two Seater and Snuggler, Made.com

Arc lamps are a bold feature, and will beautifully highlight particular aspects of your home. Bigger shades fill the space in a larger room and are perfect for incorporating blocks of colour into your scheme. Achieve a similar, more contemporary look with pendant lighting in a sleek copper. Maybe consider installing a dimmer switch to soften the spotlights and create a more dramatic mood.

If you’ve found a way to enhance the styling of your home through meticulously placed lighting, or you’ve tried one of our suggestions, make sure to share these with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest!

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