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Homemade Treasures: How to

Homemade Treasures: How to

We all love to personalise our homes with accents and trinkets that help to create a welcoming and practical space. This week on our blog we’re looking at some quick and easy DIY projects that will complement the look and feel of your home.

French Vanilla Candles

DIY03 p8 coffee candles - Your house will smell like fresh coffee when burning these candles! Fill small, inexpensive glass or ceramic dishes (we found these at the dollar store) with whole coffee beans and place tealight candles in the center. Photo by Alison Sherwood

Image: Alison Sherwood

We all know that candles are a great go-to DIY project. Put a twist on the classic with these French Vanilla Candles. Fill a container of your choosing with coffee beans and place a vanilla scented tea light in the centre. As the flame burns, the coffee beans will warm, flooding your room with the glorious scent of vanilla coffee, perfect for an Autumnal evening

Décor Vase


Image: Brit+Co

These elegant hanging vases provide a fresh way to display flowers, and aren’t as complicated as they look! They require just a couple of jars, some string, and food colouring to create beautiful colour combinations. To personalise your vases further, why not decorate the jars beforehand – adding a hint of creative detail.

Wine Cork Board


Image: SimplifyDailyLife

Cork boards are very useful for organisation – especially in a busy home where time is of the essence! The only issue is that they don’t always look the part once hung on classically painted walls. We love this solution of making your own by cutting wine corks in half and gluing them onto the backing of your chosen picture frame. This way you can ensure that you get the look you want from this timeless organiser.

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