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Back to School: Healthy Packed Lunches

Back to School: Healthy Packed Lunches

We can’t believe it’s that time already – British summertime is coming to an end as the nights draw in, and the kids are heading back to school!

With this in mind, we’ve been thinking about school lunches, and how we can get our children excited about healthy eating. Our blog this week looks at some delicious ways to bring the two together.

We hope these healthier takes on packed lunches help improve that ‘back to school’ mood that we are all so familiar with!

Little Pizza Rolls


When sandwiches just won’t do, why not try something different with fun little finger foods!

Almost all children love pizza! Bake your own into twisted spirals, covered in fresh tomato pasta sauce and mozzarella.

We love that something so simple will provide the energy for your child to continue their day, whilst getting us excited about trying them for ourselves!

Savoury Popcorn


Better known to most of us as a sweet treat at the cinema, popcorn also makes a delicious savoury snack!

Popcorn is so versatile that you can create a different flavour every day. From a light sprinkling of salt and pepper, to a festive coating of glazed pumpkin, your children will be spoilt for choice!

Natural Desserts

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Satisfy your child’s sweet tooth with some healthier takes on dessert classics.

Pack a handful of seasonal fruit into a naturally flavoured jelly to make eating their 5 a day far more attractive. You can find many basic recipes online that can be adapted to your taste.

Alternatively, try baking bite sized flapjacks with peanut butter and coconut oil as the base for a healthier option – gluten, dairy and egg free!

The best thing about experimenting with the ingredients in your child’s lunch box, is that these recipes will work well for you too.

If you have any ideas you’d like to add to our list, please let us know on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest by using #ParkerKnoll.

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