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3 Tips for Preparing Your Garden For Winter

3 Tips for Preparing Your Garden For Winter

As we creep closer toward the end of the year, the weather can really begin to wreak havoc on your garden.

With the air feeling cooler and darker nights drawing in, this week’s blog is dedicated to ensuring your garden is perfectly pruned and ready for the winter ahead.

Have a tidy & harvest seeds


Cut down any bushes and shrubs before they start to yellow and decay, and use the remainder of the slighter warm weather to cut the grass one last time. This will also make your garden look tidier as the leaves on the trees begin to turn brown.

The Royal Horticultural Society also suggests that you use this opportunity to collect the final few seeds scattered throughout your garden, ready for replanting next year. Take a look at their blog – you’ll find all the information you’ll need, from types of seed heads to storage.

Prevent fouled Ponds


As the leaves fall and the wind picks up, the water in your pond can be in danger of becoming murky which can endanger the life of your fish: so why not try suspending a net above the water, which will catch any drifting leaves before they hit the surface.

Encourage light into your greenhouse


If you’ve used shade paint on the glass of your greenhouse, remove this with a good scrub and some hot water. This will help your plants make the most of the little windows of sunlight.

Remove any overgrown plants around the walls of the greenhouse, specifically south-facing, to ensure even the last bit of the sunset sun touches your greens.

Your garden doesn’t need to be unusable during the cooler months, there are just a few tasks that you may need to do in order to keep it in top shape.

Share with us your top tips for preparing your garden for winter over on social media. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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