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DIY Furniture Restoration

DIY Furniture Restoration

We are very proud to be British here at Parker Knoll, and therefore love anything local! So this week, we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite restoration techniques to ensure your furniture British made furniture gives you many years of joy!

Whether you have your Grandfather’s Parker Knoll chair that you’d like to reupholster, or you’ve picked up a beautiful vintage cabinet from the local specialists that you’d like to revamp, furniture crafts can be surprisingly therapeutic!

A small garden can easily be turned into a workshop for your DIY interior design crafts on a Summer’s weekend. However, if you’re after some support, there are many local workshops held all over the UK that can support you in learning some new skills!

Image: Reupholstered by North West Retro

At Home

A fun activity that can involve the whole family, DIY furniture restoration can help you learn new skills whilst updating your interior décor.

Remember that if you need to strip the furniture, it may get a little untidy! Cover the area around your workspace to ensure everything around you remain pristine.

There are plenty of tutorials online that provide step by step processes to guide you. Mostly focusing on how to paint your furniture. Be sure to follow these fundamental steps:

  1. Begin by sanding each piece, even if tutorials suggest it’s not important – this gives the stain/primers something to adhere to and allows for an even finish
  2. Remove all residue with a lint-free cloth after each drying stage, as this will show on the finished product

Restoration Workshops

We love the work of Izzy Loops Home Interiors, based in the heart of England, offering chalk painting and chair makeover workshops on a near to weekly basis. Similar courses can be found all over Britain, and make for an enjoyable creative day of furniture restoration!

Most workshops invite you to bring your own furniture to work on. You may find that some give you the opportunity to purchase locally handmade British furniture to upholster yourself, allowing you to support local British businesses whilst learning a new craft.

Image: Izzy Loops

DIY furniture restoration is a great activity that will help you upcycle your much loved furniture and help you achieve your perfect look!

If you’ve recently restored a beautiful piece of furniture from the past, we’d love to hear from you! Simply post on social media with a photo of your finished products, or use #ParkerKnoll on Instagram and Twitter.

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