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Garden Refresh: Planting Summer Bulbs

Garden Refresh: Planting Summer Bulbs

If your garden is in need of a little TLC, there’s still plenty of time to plant lovely bulbs that will open up into a colourful display just in time for Summer.

This week we have handpicked some of the most beautiful blooms, that can be planted this weekend to brighten up your boarders!



Worth more than gold back in the 1600’s, tulips have become a classic among our domestic flower arrangements. Although some speculate the prime time to plant these bulbs, they can actually be planted and thrive at any time of the year – if done so correctly!

Mix and match with varieties and bold colours, and plant deep within the soil to ensure your tulips show year after year!



With their bright colours and ruffled blooms, Gladiolus are a great statement flower among simple green foliage.

Use stakes to train the plants and ensure they grow straight- their height makes them an ideal accompaniment to low-growing varieties.

Why not cut the blooms and place in a vase for a majestic accompaniment to an indoor flower arrangement.



These leafy greens inject a hint of colour into shady areas of your garden, and don’t require much attention! They can be purchased in potted plants, and thrive in well-drained soil.

Ideal for filling gaps in your garden beds, or even clustered in pots on the patio, their breadth of variety in colour and pattern can create a delightful tonal display.

Top Tip: remember to leave the browning foliage on your growing plants until every last one has completely died to allow the plants to store as much food as possible and continue to grow the following year!

We also suggest that, before you get planting, you check out this article on top tips for planting bulbs in your garden, to ensure you’re newly planted bulbs have a sumptuous life!

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