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Craig’s Traditional Bonfire Toffee

Craig’s Traditional Bonfire Toffee

It’s bonfire night this weekend and bonfire toffee is one of our favourite treats here at the Parker Knoll HQ!

Each and every year, Craig, one of our upholstery experts, makes these indulgent treats that are so irresistible.

In this week’s blog, we are delighted to share with you Craig’s family recipe. Passed down by his mum, Craig has tweaked the recipe over the years to suit everyone’s tastes.

A British classic and surprisingly easy to make, why not try it for yourself this weekend.


300g (12oz)         Demerara sugar

100g (4oz)            Butter

2 level tablespoons of Golden Syrup

1 level tablespoon of Black Treacle

4 tablespoons of water

Tip: Mix the demerara sugar to taste with soft dark brown sugar. The more dark brown sugar that’s added, the more the toffee will taste like treacle.


  • Place all the ingredients in to the pan. There is no particular order here as the ingredients will slowly melt together.
  • Heat the pan slowly, stirring carefully until the butter melts and the sugar dissolves.
  • Keep the mixture on a low heat, and bring to the boil.
  • Continue boiling for 10-15minutes, or to 140 degrees on the jam thermometer (also named ‘small crack’)

Tip: Drop Test
Once you’ve reached the correct boiling time/temperature, drop the toffee in to a cup of cold water. The toffee should separate into brittle ends.

  • Pour the toffee in to a baking tray covered in cling film (beware of the hot mixture)
  • For even square pieces, score the toffee with a knife whilst it’s cooling. Alternatively, once completely cool, smash with a toffee hammer for rustic shards.
  • To store, dust with icing sugar to avoid the pieces sticking together. This also prevents the toffee from sticking to the greaseproof paper should it begin to get warm.

Fancy trying some other bonfire delicacies?

Peanut Brittle

Simply swap the demerara sugar for a light brown or white sugar.

Once the toffee has finished boiling, add 200g of peanuts to the pan, mix thoroughly and pour onto the baking tray to cool.

Bonfire Toffee Apples

Place a lollypop stick into the centre of an apple, ensuring that it’s secure enough to use as a handle. Evenly cover the apple in the bonfire toffee, and leave to cool on greaseproof paper.

Wrap neatly into parcels using the greaseproof paper, and hold together with string for a delicious autumn gift.

If you have a traditional festive recipe that you’ll be trying this weekend, we’d love to hear from you! Share these with us on social media using #ParkerKnoll

Happy baking!


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