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Easy Exterior Updates

Easy Exterior Updates

Updating the outside of a house can often seem like a daunting prospect – one involving builders, scaffolding and budgets. However as long as the structure of your exterior is sound, there are plenty of quick and easy ways to increase your curb appeal.

Start with a Clean

If the front of your house is painted in a light colour and you live near to a road, chances are that it will naturally accumulate dirt, pollution and mould (lovely!). A regular clean is a must and will not only keep it looking sparkly but will help to prevent permanent damage caused by mould. Pressure washers can be great for this, but always start at the lowest setting to ensure that you don’t damage brickwork.


Image: Culture Trip

Re-Painting Your Front Door

It sounds simple but a lick of paint can do wonders to a door. Update your hardware or give it a bit of love with a good polish and your entrance will be looking fab in no time at all. If space permits, why not add a potted shrub either side?


Image: SF Girl By Bay, Marcus Design, Interiors by Studio M

 Plant a Climber

From the majestic wisteria to a rambling country rose, climbing plants are one of the prettiest ways to freshen up the façade of your home. Be sure to consider practicalities such as soil type, wind direction and sunlight when choosing your blooms as some are hardier than others!

Climbing Plants

Image: House & Garden, Pinterest, Flickr

Remove or Cover Rendering

If you’ve got a little more budget to play with, removing a badly rendered wall to reveal the original bricks below can be transformational. This ‘Before and After’ featured on House & Garden has to be one of our favourites.

Alternatively, wood cladding can be used to great effect and will also provide additional insulation.


Image: Self Build & Design


So next time you find yourself with a free weekend for home improvements, why not give the front of your house some attention?  You’ll find it makes the world of difference.

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