Our Iconic History Part 1: 1869-1950 - Parker Knoll
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Our Iconic History Part 1: 1869-1950

Our Iconic History Part 1: 1869-1950

Here at Parker Knoll, we are very proud of our rich brand heritage. Driving the brand forward through the development of the finest furniture is the reason we continue to lead the market in design, technology and innovation.

Through this series of blog posts we’re going to take a step back in time, acknowledging the incredible imagery and iconic past

This week we have collated some of the most treasured moments of our brand’s history from 1869 to 1950. Why not take a look at the Parker Knoll Timeline, for more information on our unique heritage?

1869 – Advert in upholstery and decorating journalfp_sign


1875 – Frederick Parker – The Shoreditch born cabinet maker, who with created the businessfp

1914 – During WW1 Parker Knoll furnished the Palladian Lounge of the Ocean Liner, RMS Aquitania




1914 – One of the original Parker Knoll production lines in High Wycombe.factory

1921 – Willi Knoll’s revolutionary coiled wire spring system, still used in many of our occasional chairs today.


1930 – The iconic Man on a Spring logo


1936 – Sketches featuring bespoke furniture designs created for the RMS Queen Mary – an ocean liner who took her maiden voyage in 1936.


1936 – Edward VIII abdicating the throne sitting in a Parker Knoll chair


1940 – Advertising Campaign launched to inform customers that Parker Knoll would be back after the war.


1951 – HRH Duchess of Kent visiting the Parker Knoll factory in High Wycombe


In the next of this series, we’ll be taking a look at the swinging 60’s; the introduction of the well renowned Statesman, and when Parker Knoll was named The Number 1 Furniture Brand in the UK.

Take a look at our website for Parker Knoll’s full story and let us know if you have any vintage Parker Knoll furniture by commenting on our Facebook page, tweeting us, or posting an image on Instagram!









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