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Micro Trend: Indoor Plants

Micro Trend: Indoor Plants

While house plants have been gracing our rooms for as long as we can remember, we can’t recall them warranting quite as much love and attention as they’re currently receiving. From terrariums to tropical plants, these green goddesses are filling homes and Facebook feeds all over the country and we think it’s wonderful.

Not only are they a perfect way to add colour and life to your home during the greyest months of the year, they’re also said to bring energy into a space and will help to freshen the air too.

If you’re thinking of incorporating this trend into your home, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite botanical inspiration below.

f6adcd5a07f5d4a6fa49ab3ac472091fImage: Ikea

948d3d8f9c500e1835eba2a6fe125cd7Image: Brit + Co


Image: Happy Interior Blog

enhanced-buzz-7801-1364932154-13   Image: Buzzfeed


Image: My Unfurnished Home

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