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Glorious Garden Rooms

Glorious Garden Rooms

Natural light is one of the most coveted commodities when it comes to designing any home and if you have the space for a beautiful garden room or conservatory, it’s the perfect way to maximise your exposure.

From traditional orangery-style extensions to conservatories – both classic and contemporary – these well-lit spaces can be used throughout the year for dining, lounging and entertaining.

As with any room, make sure you’ve decided on the function before you start picking out furniture. If you’re planning on using the room for both eating and relaxing, creating separate zones will ensure that the room flows properly and that neither area feels overcrowded.

A pair of comfortable armchairs or a sofa is an absolute must-have in any garden room and can be paired with a coffee or side tables to create a comfortable spot to enjoy your morning coffee or a glass of wine in the evening. A particular favourite of ours has to be the Isabelle Chair in Ashley Rose Sage!

Plants are also a key addition and will help to enhance the indoor/outdoor nature of the space. If your conservatory is built onto an exterior/exposed brick wall, why not make a statement and introduce a climbing plant such as a bougainvillea?  Alternatively, colourful potted plants or (very) small trees will do the job nicely.

Below we’ve picked out a few of our favourite looks – from the formal to fantastical! Which one would you opt for?


Image: Tumblr


Image: Country Homes & Interiors


Parker Knoll Hudson Leather Two Seater Sofa & LifeStyle Storage Footstool


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Image: House & Garden

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