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A Focus On: Woven Textures

A Focus On: Woven Textures

As hand-crafted, artisanal products become ever-more popular, we’ve seen the revival of rustically-hewn woven homewares that are bringing character and charm to our homes in abundance.

From handwoven textiles to colonial-style rattan seating – ideal for summer, there are an array of tactile options available that can be incorporated into almost any scheme.

Grouped Image - Woven

For those struggling with a space that’s feeling flat, texture is the perfect antidote and woven pieces offer some of the most elegant solutions. If you’re channelling a laid-back look then woven baskets and plaited soft furnishings in muted-shades will immediately instil a cool and calm vibe.

Items that combine both colour and texture can really pack a punch, so use sparingly so as not to overwhelm a space. We love how a group of Aztec print cushions in bold hues can refresh a room and by choosing a palette that complements or echoes your existing décor, they’ll tie the look together perfectly.

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