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A Retrospective Look

A Retrospective Look

Retro designs have been staging a bit of a comeback recently, with everyone from fashion brands to furniture designers revisiting the past for inspiration.

Whether you’re channelling this season’s 70s look or have a weakness for all things Victoriana, look no further than these vintage-style designs – they’re bursting with character and will look amazing when combined with a contemporary look.

From the elegant slope of a mid-century-style leg, to the indulgent comfort of a leather recliner, these retrospective pieces pick out the great and the good from eras past, resulting in beautifully considered pieces that complement modern living.

Heritage has always played an integral part in the Parker Knoll brand, but when looking back the 60s stand out as a particularly definitive era, not just for us, but for British style as a whole.

GroupVintage Parker Knoll Adverts

Frontiers of fashion and furnishings were stormed by designers keen to make their mark on a decade defined by style. Recliners were suddenly all the rage and some of our much-loved designs were born.

It was with these iconic 60s models in mind that our Retrospective collection was created; a homage to the era and to the history of the Parker Knoll brand. Redeveloped for the 21st century home, the collection showcases an array of retro features including tapered legs, buttoned-backs and sweeping arms.

3342-PK Merrywood_0520 - blogThe Merrywood

3342-PK Merryfield_0500 - blogThe Merryfield

Whether you style them as part of a sleek modern look or go full-on retro, these beautiful designs will add a touch of vintage-cool to any space.

3342-PK Merrygoround_0575 - BlogThe Merry-go-round

The Retrospective Collection is available to buy exclusively at House of Fraser.

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